The Pelican

The newsletter for the Church of the Redeemer, the Pelican, is published monthly except July. It is available to all members and friends of the parish.

If you would like to sign up for our monthly alert to let you know the when the newest issue is available online, please notify the parish registrar, Cheryl Brodbeck send email

Issues of the Pelican are available for you to view and print below. Note that Adobe Reader is required to view the Pelican. adobe




REDEEMER GOES GREEN – The Pelican Newsletter Goes Electronic!

In case you are not already aware – our monthly newsletter, the Pelican, has been available on the Church of the Redeemer website for the past several months.

There are many benefits to reading the Pelican online – first and foremost you get to see all the pictures of our parishioners at work and play in full color and better resolution! Check the June issue out for yourself at under the “Publications” page and see what a difference it makes!

There are two other very important benefits to our parish, our community and the earth, in offering our Pelican online.

One is that by decreasing the amount of paper Pelicans we produce, we are lessening our impact on the earth’s natural resources. This is a hot button issue in our world today, and Redeemer wants to do its part whenever possible in thinking and acting “green.”

Another benefit would be in the cost-savings that would result from lessening the number of paper Pelicans we produce. We currently print and mail approximately 1,350 Pelicans each month. That production and process requires the purchase of paper, printing supplies, and postage, not to mention the time expenditure of both paid staff and volunteers. Redeemer currently spends $7,500 annually in just hard (paper, postage, printing) costs alone to produce and distribute the Pelican.

We realize that some of you may wish for a variety of reasons to continue to receive the paper version of our Pelican, and we are more than happy to continue printing and mailing a copy to you each month. If you do NOT wish to view the Pelican online, no action is needed.

However, we would like to invite any of you who are interested and have access to the Internet to select electronic reading instead.

If you sign up for “online reading,” once a month you would receive an email alert from Redeemer, letting you know that the most recent newsletter had been posted on our site. The email would provide a direct link to the most current newsletter for your convenience.

You would be able not only to view the news, articles and photos with ease, but you could also email the link to friends and family both locally and across the country and invite them to view our newsletter as well.

We have a fabulous parish with so much going on – this would be a great way to share our parish “family” with local friends and neighbors as well as people far away. All you’d have to do would be to forward the email we send to you (which would already have the link in it).

If you are interested in reading your monthly Pelican online, and in helping us reduce costs and lessen our impact on the environment, it’s easy to enroll. Simply send your full name and updated email address to Redeemer Registrar Cheryl Brodbeck send email, or call her at 955.4263, extension 23. Be sure to specify that you wish to convert to “online reader” status of the Pelican.

Cheryl will then enter you into a database of “online readers” and once a month, beginning in September, you’ll receive an email from Redeemer when the new issue is available for viewing.

Even if you know we already have your email address in our Parish database, we would still need a quick phone call or email from you to enroll you in our new “online reader” database.

Thank you for your consideration of this “green initiative!”