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An Episcopal community

in the heart of downtown Sarasota

Everyone is welcome at the Church of the Redeemer and we encourage visitors to experience all our worship offerings throughout the year. To see Redeemer in action, click here to browse all our online photo galleries and click here to watch videos of the church. In 2014, our parish is embarking on a year-long event — we’re going to read the Bible together in one year, discussing and sharing thoughts all along the way. Click here to learn more about this exciting, year-long program.

The Church of the Redeemer is dedicated to a fully catholic and orthodox expression of Christian faith, piety, and proclamation. Every activity in which our parish is engaged has the altar as its beginning, focus, and goal.

The sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, his resurrection, and his continued presence through the Holy Spirit is the reason for the Church’s being. Through the Holy Eucharist, our principal act of worship, we participate in Christ’s sacrifice as well as experience and celebrate his presence. It is this Jesus Christ whom we worship and obey who is the salvation of the world and whom we strive to make known throughout our community and to the ends of the earth.

Worship is at the very heart of all that we are and do as members of the Body of Christ.  The truth in which we live and the foundation upon which we build is Jesus Christ; in this knowledge we embrace the future with boundless hope.

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