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"Building on the Bayou"
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Redeemer Children sew dolls of love for Ugandan orphans dolls of love
uganda Orphan’s Hope Project Uganda

A critical aspect of the Church of the Redeemer is our commitment to our local, national, and global communities through our many missions and outreach programs. 

“Missions” concern the seeking out of those who do not know Christ and the sending out of parishioners to carry out various kinds of Christian service in other parts of the world. “Outreach” is primarily the work of meeting human needs and alleviating suffering, whether close to home or far away.

Through the efforts of our many volunteers and parishioners who give so generously of their time and resources, our church actively supports programs such as Habitat for Humanity, the All Faiths Food Bank, the Salvation Army, church building and mission work in the Dominican Republic (see story at right), and many other fine organizations of service throughout our local community and the communities of our nation and the world.  In 1990, the Church of the Redeemer started a daycare program for the homeless in Sarasota , known as Resurrection House.  That program is ecumenical, serving over 150 homeless persons every day.

Every year, Redeemer Youth participate in mission trips to other parts of the United States and in the world in order to help those in need.  To learn about one such trip to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, click on “Building on the Bayou” in the box above right.