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To schedule a meeting, event, or any gathering at Redeemer, please contact Director of Event Services Suzi Terres, 941-955-4263, or sterrres@redeemersarasota.og.


To become involved in any of the ministries below, please contact the Parish Office at 941-955-4263.

Acolytes: Actively involving youth in our worship services as Crucifers, Torch Bearers, Servers and Thurifers. Contact Jody Maxwell for more info.

Adult Faith Formation—Redeemer Forum: Meeting on Sunday mornings between the 9 and 11 a.m. masses, these classes acquaint Christians with the sources, personalities, and themes of Holy Scripture, the teaching and activity of Jesus, and the history of the community in which He lived, ministered, died and was resurrected. Contact Fr. David Svihel for more info.

Adult Sunday School—Tell Me More: Meeting on Sunday mornings between the 9 and 11 a.m. masses, these classes are an opportunity to learn more about the sermon. They are taught by that Sunday's preacher. Contact Fr. David Svihel for more info.

Altar Guild: Preparing for the Holy Eucharist and responsible for all vessels, vestments, linens, candles, and flowers. Contact Marsha Devitt, Sandy Hulvat, or Carolyn von Seelen for more info.

Baptism Preparation: Prepares candidates, parents, and godparents for baptism. Contact Jacki Boedecker or a member of the clergy for more info.

Bell Ringers for Salvation Army: Assist The Salvation Army by “ringing the bell” for donations during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Contact Sharon Coleman for more info.

Books and Beyond Men’s Book Group: This group reads and discusses a wide variety of books. Contact Jim Cooper for more info.

Caritas: Provides assistance to the working poor, the unemployed, and the homeless in Sarasota by staffing the food pantry at First Sarasota (the downtown Baptist church) and the Assessment Interview Trailer. Contact David Wiegand for more info.

Children's Chapel: Offered each Sunday during the 9 a.m. mass. Children gather for a special lesson and activity. 

Choirs: Choir members (including boys and girls and men and women of all ages) add immensely to the rich expression of our parish’s liturgical life by offering anthems and communion music expressive of the great diversity found in Christian choral literature. Contact Sam Nelson for more info.

Christian Education for Adults: We offer courses about a variety of subjects throughout the week that are taught by clergy or parishioners. These classes build up individuals in their faith and knowledge of Jesus and His church and equip them for witness and ministry. Contact Fr. David Svihel for more info.

Christian Education for Children and Youth: We provide classes and formation experiences that allow children and youth to experience God’s saving grace. Contact Jacki Boedecker or Jackie Overton for more info.

Coffee Hour Coordinators and Volunteers: Provides the 11 a.m. congregation with a time of fellowship and an opportunity to welcome visitors and new members with a smile, a beverage, and snacks. Contact Stan Niemi for more info.

Coffee Talk Women’s Book Group: Offering an opportunity for women to gather monthly to discuss a literary selection. Contact Gussie Haeffner or Caroline Ryan for more info.

Cursillo: Building up and supporting leaders in our church with a diocesan weekend program to help them grow in their faith and spirituality. Cursillo helps parishioners gain a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus and how to serve him. Contact Gussie Haeffner or Anna Haeffner for more info.

Daily Office Readers: Volunteers pray the Daily Office (Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer), which includes prayers for parishioners who are ill, seeking comfort, traveling, and serving in the armed forces. Contact Traci Reed or Angela Ward for more info.

Daughters of the King: Becoming a Daughter of the King involves taking a lifetime vow to live by the Rule of the Order, requiring a spiritual discipline of daily prayer, service, and evangelism. Contact Carolyn Hinton or Carolyn Peet for more info.

Day 4 Hope: Prepares at-risk children in our community for the first day of a new school year. Contact Fr. David Svihel for more info.

Disaster Preparedness: Protecting the contents and property of Redeemer by doing pre-storm protective preparations. Contact Brigham Clegg for more info.

Endowment Committee: Assures the investment assets of Redeemer are managed to provide attractive inflation adjusted returns over the long term. Contact Fr. Charleston Wilson or Bob Morris for more info.

Episcopal Thrift House: Sells gently used clothing, jewelry, furniture, and household items to the public. Our generous parishioners donate these items and volunteer as staff at the thrift shop. Proceeds fund nonprofits. The Episcopal Thrift House is in downtown Sarasota at 1503 Second Street. It's open Tuesdays-Thursdays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.; Fridays 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; and Saturdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Contact Cathie Meyer for more info.

EYC (youth groups): Growing our teens’ relationship with Christ through fellowship-centered activities that enable them to spend time with other like-minded young Christians who reinforce their beliefs while the understanding of their faith matures. Junior EYC is offered for middle school students, and Senior EYC is offered for high school students. Contact Jackie Overton for more info.

Evangelism: Equipping members of Redeemer to tell their personal faith stories to others within the church and outside of Redeemer. Contact Fr. Charleston Wilson for more info.

Faith Fitness: Gentle exercise classes led by an instructor on the Redeemer campus. Contact Terry Stocker for more info.  

Feed My Sheep: Every June, the parish comes together to prepare meals for the hungry. We gather in Gillespie Hall between the 9 and 11 a.m. masses on Sunday mornings in June and assemble and pack sandwiches that are delivered to The Salvation Army for lunch. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info. 

Finance Committee: Monitors Redeemer’s finances, reviews financial statements, prepares the annual budget, reviews proposed expenditures before Vestry approval, oversees transfers of funds and accounting clarifications. Contact John Walsworth for more info.

Fine Arts Book Club: This book club organized by parishioners meets several times a year on the Redeemer campus to discuss selected books related to the arts. Contact Larry Brown for more info. 

First Communion Class: Sharing with our kindergartners and their parents the mystery and ritual of the Holy Eucharist through a five-week Instructed Eucharist Class conducted during regular Sunday School time in the Kindergarten year. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info.

First Fridays on Palm: On the first Friday evening of each month, from October through April, Redeemer participates in First Fridays and welcomes visitors and parishioners for wine and snacks on the Palm Avenue Terrace. Contact Susie Shugg for more info.

Foster Youth Initiative: Redeemer organizes several efforts to help foster care families in the area throughout the year. Past projects have included supply drives, a "baby shower" to assemble necessity kits for foster families with babies, and acquiring items, such as car seats, that have been specifically requested by foster families. Contact Malacy Wilson for more info. 

GATORS: Gathering Adults to Redeemer Singles is Redeemer's ministry for singles. The group promotes Christian fellowship by offering a variety of social events and spiritual growth opportunities, including Bible studies. Contact Becky Thornhill for more info.

Gift & Book Shop: This shop on Redeemer's campus (off Palm Avenue) offers books, games, greeting cards, notecards, Christian jewelry, icons, homeware, gifts, and more. Sales support the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. Contact Susie Shugg or Deb Kern for more info.

Golf Tournament: Redeemer's annual golf tournament is organized by Men of Redeemer and benefits Men of Redeemer's projects and programs throughout the year. Men and women are invited to play in the tournament. Contact Bill Brush for more info. 

Grace Gang: This women's Bible study is led by Redeemer Rector Fr. Charleston Wilson. It meets on the first and third Thursday of the month at noon in Goewey Hall. Contact Fr. Charleston Wilson for more info. 

Great Music Series: Redeemer hosts several exciting musical events each year as part of its Great Music Series. These events include organ concerts, choral concerts, Evensong, quartets, and more. Contact Sam Nelson for more info. 

Grown and Flown: This group for parents of adult children who have "flown the nest" meets for fellowship and learning. Contact Marsha Devitt or Steve Devitt for more info. 

Guild of the Christ Child: Organizing parish support for young families during times of need, such as illness of a child or the birth of a new baby. Twice a year, the guild offers small group studies that focus on biblically-based parenting. Contact Rebekah Bragg for more info.

Healing Ministry: Focusing on prayers for the mind, body, and spirit for ourselves and others. Private prayers with trained members of the Order of St. Luke. Contact Carrie Lee Major for more info.

Heart to Heart Women’s Bible Study: Providing exciting, in-depth courses throughout the year. Contact Jane Thompson for more info.

Hijas de Getsemani/Women's Spanish Prayer Group: A prayer group that meets once a month in person on Redeemer's campus on a Monday evening and via Zoom on the other Monday evenings. Contact Lourdes Pozas for more info. 

Hispanic Ministry: An outreach ministry of Redeemer to Hispanic members of the community. Redeemer has a mass in Spanish at 1 p.m. on Sundays each weekend. Contact Fr. Mario Castro for more info.

In the Beginning Mailing Crew: Each month, this group of volunteers gathers in Gillespie Hall to prepare Redeemer's monthly newsletter for mailing. The work includes sticking mailing address labels to the newsletters and two stickers to seal the newsletter. Contact Ronelle Ashby for more info. 

Just Do It: This program for kindergarten through fifth graders meets on Wednesday nights in January and February. Various parishioners teach the children about their work, hobbies, or other skills, such as playing the organ, being a chef, making pottery, and more. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info. 

Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Subdeacons: Serving as subdeacons and administering the chalice during the Holy Eucharist. Contact Linda Lee Miller for more info.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Church members who visit and bring Holy Communion to parishioners who are unable to attend church. The Diocese of Southwest Florida has authorized the training and licensing of lay people to become Eucharistic Visitors. Contact Fr. Ralph Strohm for more info.

Lectors and Intercessors: Reading the Old Testament lesson and Intercessory Prayers during the Holy Eucharist. Contact Linda Lee Miller for more info.

Library: Maintaining the parish collection of books and circulation to parishioners. The library is in Gillespie Hall on the Redeemer campus. Contact Russ Ryan for more info.

Little Hands, Big Hearts: This program for kindergarten through fifth graders meets on Wednesday nights during Lent. Children work together on a service project to help people in need, such as making meals for the hungry. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info. 

LOGOS: Redeemer's Wednesday offering for children in grades K-5. LOGOS includes playtime, tutoring, choir, art, Bible lessons, and family-style dinners. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info.

Martha's Guild: Provides support to family members on the day of a loved one's requiem. Contact Beth Cave for more info.

Men of Redeemer (MOR): Encouraging men, through relationships, to seek Christ-centered living. Contact Steve Long for more info.

Men’s Prayer Groups: A time for fellowship, prayer, and study for men of Redeemer and other Christian men. Meets at 7 a.m. on Wednesdays for Lectionary Study and 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays for Bible or book study. Contact Ed Weber or Russ Ryan for more info.

Men's Steak Night: Each year, male parishioners gather on a night in the fall to hear an inspiring speaker and enjoy a steak dinner together. Contact Steve Long for more info. 

Ministry to College Students: Reaching out to Redeemer’s undergrads living away from home through treats and letters mailed to them at college, connection with Episcopal Student Centers on campus, and clergy contact—all reminders of their parish family at Redeemer. Contact Jackie Overton or Jacki Boedecker for more info.

Mission and Outreach: Advisory committee to the Vestry that allocates grants to nonprofits throughout Sarasota and the world that request financial support from Redeemer. Contact Anit Legare or Fr. David Svihel for more info.

Mom's Night Out: A fun social gathering for parishioners who are mothers of children still living at home. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info. 

Music Ministry: Central to our rich liturgical life, the Music Program consists of choirs for children, young women, and adults. Throughout the year, music fills the church with the sounds of rehearsals, concerts, and community recitals from some of the best and most talented instrumentalists, vocalists, ensembles, and orchestras from Sarasota and around the world. Contact Sam Nelson for more info.

Needlepoint Guild: Glorifying God and beautifying the church with needlepoint kneelers, antependia, and rugs through the fellowship of a dedicated group of stitchers. Contact Patty Sullivan or Joy Busler for more info.

Newcomers/Welcoming: A group of parishioners greets newcomers before and after masses as well as at other events especially for new members. Contact Anne Ayres for more info. 

Night Shift Women's Book Club: A women's book club that gathers the first Monday evening of the month. Contact MaryPage Hill for more info.

Nursery Committee: Oversees the operation of Redeemer’s nurseries. Contact Suzi Terres or Malacy Wilson for more info.

Nursery Greeters: Volunteers who greet parents before the 9 a.m. mass as they arrive to drop off their children at the nursery. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info. 

Oblations: Provides an opportunity for parishioners to bring the bread, water, wine, and gifts to the altar during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at masses. Contact Angela Ward for more info.

Pre-K Volunteers: Our Pre-Kindergarten class is open during the 9 a.m. mass on Sundays. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info.

Parish Prayer Chain: Praying for those in need using requests made by parishioners. Contact Don Peet for more info.

Planned Giving: Informing parishioners about various estate-planning methods that may reduce taxes, increase benefits for families, and provide a gift to Redeemer to help ensure its continued vibrancy in the years to come. Contact Fr. Charleston Wilson or John Walsworth for more info.

RAMBOs: Redeemer Audiovisual Ministry Board Operators assist with sound and lighting during services. Contact Ken Mahler for more info.

Redeemer 101: This three-session class is led by our clergy and welcome coordinator. It's geared toward new members who have joined Redeemer in the last year. The class is held on specific dates throughout the year from 10:10-10:40 a.m., during our Sunday morning formation time for students and adults. It covers topics including navigating the campus, using Redeemer's online resources, learning about Redeemer's history, using the Book of Common Prayer, discovering your spiritual gifts, and volunteering for ministries at Redeemer. Contact Anne Ayres for more info.

Resurrection House: A nonprofit that maintains a faith-based resource center for the homeless with physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance. Contact Anne Ayres for more info.

Saint Michael's Conference: A religious conference for young people in Connecticut that Redeemer youth can attend. Contact Jackie Overton for more info. 

Salvation Army: Every Christmastime, Redeemer parishioners participate in The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign, ringing bells and collecting donations outside local establishments (usually Publix). The campaign supports people in need in the local community. Contact Sharon Coleman for more info.

Shut-In Ministry: Bringing spiritual counseling, visitation, and the Blessed Sacraments to communicants who cannot come to church because of an illness or medical condition. Contact Fr. Ralph Strohm for more info.

Stewardship: Encouraging all parishioners to contribute their time, talent, and treasure in doing the church’s work. Contact John Walsworth or Fr. Charleston Wilson for more info.

Sunday School: Providing weekly Christian education classes and activities for children and youth (ages 2 through high school) on Sunday mornings from 10-10:40 a.m. during the school year. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info.

Travel Group/St. Bartholomew's Society: Plans trips and pilgrimages for Redeemer parishioners to various spots around the globe, such as the Holy Land, England, and other destinations. Contact Mary Lou McFate for more info. 

Ushers: Greeting worshipers, passing out service bulletins, and offering assistance if parishioners have special requests or needs. Contact Rich Hill for more info.

Vacation Bible School: Providing a fun-filled end-of-summer week for children entering Kindergarten through fifth grade to grow in the knowledge of God through interaction with priests, peers, and parish volunteers. Contact Jacki Boedecker for more info.

Vergers: Leading processions and working behind the scenes to plan logistical details of the mass. Vergers also assist Acolytes, Lectors, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, the Altar Guild, and others as needed and directed by the Rector. Contact Ernie Cave or Dave Reed for more info.

Wedding Coordinators: Providing coordination between the parish and the bride and groom from initial preparation to the wedding ceremony. Contact Marsha Devitt for more info.

Welcome Table: Welcome Table volunteers greet visitors and answer their questions prior to services. Contact Anne Ayres for more info.

Widows'/Widowers' Might: A group for those who have lost a spouse with gatherings throughout the year. Contact Becky Thornhill for more info.

Women of Redeemer: Hosts events for female parishioners that provide an opportunity for faith formation and fellowship. Contact Jody Maxwell or Janet Trefry for more info. 

Women's Bible Studies: Studies offered throughout the year for the ladies of the parish focusing on specific topics or books of the Bible. These Bible studies meet at various times, both in the morning and evening. Contact Fr. David Svihel or Amy Buck for more info. 

Youth Bible Studies: Providing “food for the body and the soul” for middle and high school youth every Friday morning during the academic year from 6:15-7 a.m. Contact Jackie Overton for more info.

Youth Confirmation: Offering a course of instruction for seventh-grade youth (and older) on the Christian faith and Anglicanism in preparation for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation consists of approximately 30 hours of instruction, a retreat, and an accountability relationship with a sponsor. Contact Fr. David Svihel for more info.

Youth Mission Trips: Trips organized for Redeemer's Middle School Youth Group and High School Youth Group. The trips provide an opportunity for service, fellowship, learning, fun, and more. Contact Jackie Overton for more info. 

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