Next Steps

Wherever you are in your faith walk, you can find your "Next Step" here!

Step 1


God is at work among us, and He is calling many to join this great and growing parish family. Whether your live in the Sarasota area or elsewhere, and attend in person or online, it is easy to take your place as member of the Church of the Redeemer. Please click here or email Father Charleston at to let us you know want to join the parish as a member.

If you are moving from another Episcopal church and would like to become a member here, simply ask your previous parish to send us a “letter of transfer.” You will become a member after we receive the “letter of transfer.” Alternatively, we can request the transfer on your behalf.

Step 2


No matter where you are in your development as a Christian or as a member in our church, there are opportunities for you to grow.

Step 3


It is easy to take your place in the vibrant outreach of the parish.

Step 4


Church of the Redeemer relies solely on the generosity of our friends and members. Please prayerfully consider supporting our ministries and outreach.

Next Steps

Take Your Place

Get involved at Church of the Redeemer by connecting with others,
growing in your faith & serving locally or abroad.


The best place to start connecting with God at Church of the Redeemer is in our Worship services.


The best way to grow in community at Church of the Redeemer is by taking your place in one or more ministries and formation opportunities.

Mission & Outreach

The best place to take the good news to others is through outreach opportunities.