Temporary Worship Schedule

Everyone is welcome at the Church of the Redeemer


For Masses on all holy days, and other special worship, please click here.

Church of the Redeemer offers Mass and the Daily Office
throughout the week in-person, as well as on-line.
Social distancing protocols are in effect at all in-person services.


In-Person Weekday Masses

Weekday mass is offered at the high altar at 10 AM, Monday - Saturday.
No pre-registration is required.

In-Person Weekend Masses

5:30 PM (a contemporary mass)

7:30 AM (spoken, Rite One)
9:00 AM (sung; Rite Two, with Children's Chapel)   *Registration is strongly requested but not required. Link here.
11:00 AM (sung; Rite One) *Registration is strongly requested but not required. Link here.
1:00 PM (in Spanish)


Important Information

  • Mass in the nave will be temporarily limited, and pre-registration is required to attend the 9 and 11 AM Sunday masses.
  • Weekday masses do not require pre-registration, and resumed on 1 June at 10:00 AM. Our daily mass schedule: Monday – Saturday : 10 AM. Daily morning and evening prayer will remain online.
    • If you are considered “at-risk,” we ask you to remember your safety, and the safety of others.
    • Thermal forehead thermometers may be in use.
  • Masks are recommended at all times while you are in the church.
  • What about bringing my children to mass? Children are always welcome at mass; however, we are not re-opening our nurseries, Sunday School, or on-site children’s formation programs at this time. Our online campus continues to provide formation for all ages. Click here for this week’s offerings.
  • The Eucharist will be offered in one kind only (the Consecrated Bread), and the host will be dropped into your hands from the chancel steps without the priest touching you. The celebrant, wearing a mask, will sanitize his hands before the Eucharistic Prayer and afterwards. You may still wish to practice spiritual communion, even though you physically attend the mass. Detailed instructions about how to receive Communion while maintaining safe-distancing will be provided at each mass.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout campus.
  • We will sanitize the entire nave and chancel after each liturgy.
  • Please keep in mind these guidelines may change.
    • We will continue to live-stream the mass at 9:00 AM. You may watch it live by clicking here, and you may watch it anytime afterwards by clicking here. It is also available on our You Tube channel here
    • We will be working hard in the coming days to safely resume some on-site activities. For now, however, worship will be our focus.