Thank you to our wonderful Sunday School teachers for the 2020-21 school year!

Our 2020-21 academic year has ended, and the parish offers thanks to our 51 volunteer teachers who went above and beyond the call of duty this yearCovid-19 provided new opportunities and experiences: a drive-through Rally Sunday, teaching online, creating Sunday School in a box (often delivering materials to children’s homes), weekly reach-outs via Zoom and emails, and much more — and finally we got back into our classrooms for part of the year. Thank you to our amazing teachers who made it all happen!


Sunday School Teachers 2020-21



Beth Bobb

Marsha Devitt

Stephanie Kempton

Laura Valek



Chloe Hill

Bianca Tengerdy

Sue Walters



Margaret Barnes

Jacki Boedecker

Sara Ferguson

Jane Kintz


1st Grade

Katie Hollingsworth

Melissa Long

Meredith Piazza


2nd Grade

Tiffany Echols

Shirley Fieber

Leigh Hughes

Marla Leung

Maria Wiseman


3rd Grade

Kellie Menke

Kristin Morton

Melanie Dieckman


4th Grade

Jody Maxwell

John Maxwell

Amanda Morris


5th Grade

Lindsay Howell

Mandy Latta

Mary Pat Radford


6th Grade

Kimberly and PJ Strom

Janet and Jeff Trefry


7th Grade

Mary Page Hill

Kate Wood

Melissa Dunlap

Lisa Marx


8th Grade

Cathy Brush

Alice Pollard

Mackenzie and Don Longueuil


High School

Gloria and Kraig Koach

Casey and Colby Siljestrom

Jackie Overton


1 PM Mass

Marcia Miller

Monica Miller



Orion Marx

Erin McLeod

Todd Menke

Henry Paul

Kim Pulliam

Dora Thomas