Healing Harp with Nancy Unsworth will premiere on Monday, 19 April, at 6:30 p.m. on Redeemer’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

On a prayer mission to Jerusalem in 2007, Nancy felt called to take up the harp for use in a healing ministry. Since coming to Redeemer in 2014, she and her husband, Eric, have delighted in the depth and beauty of Anglican hymnody. In this program, Nancy and Eric offer harp music and comforting words to be used by the Holy Spirit for healing of the soul.

“Our very own Nancy Unsworth transports us with her Celtic harp, giving us a glimpse into heaven — behind the curtain, if you will, to that City of Light where there is ‘neither crying nor sighing’ but only the fullness of life and eternal joy,” said Fr. Charleston Wilson. “I’m not the first person to notice the healing power of music, but Nancy’s music has been balm for my soul, even when I didn’t know I was soul-sick! As Christians we know body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. Nancy will touch all three at once. Find a quiet place and enjoy!”