Redeemer’s Great Music Series offers world-renowned guitarist Mark Kroos in concert, 10 November, 6 PM, in the nave.

Mark Kroos plays 2 guitar necks at the same time. Originally from Lansing, MI, but currently based in Charlotte, NC, he is one of the only people in the world touring his trade. His primarily instrumental style is characterized by open harmonies, polyphonic textures, incredible tapping technique, and is as entertaining to listen to as he is to watch.

His live performances burst with energy and magnetism not typical of solo guitar music.

Drawing influence from folk, Celtic, indie, and even punk rock artists as well as great guitarists such as Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel and Leo Kottke, Mark Kroos has developed his own edge to the acoustic guitar.

“Kroos combines the best elements of some of his musical heroes with original ideas of his own, just as he combines the two necks of an Ovation double-neck guitar. It’s a melodic mixture that’s absolutely captivating.”  Duluth News Tribune

In July of 2011 Mark competed in Guitar Player Magazine’s International Guitar Superstar Competition in Nashville, taking 1st place out of thousands.

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