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5 May is Youth Sunday

As Redeemer honors our young people, grade 6-12, on Youth Sunday, we celebrate the future of the Church! This Sunday highlights the involvement of youth in the parish, and all roles regularly filled by adult laity during services will be filled by members of the youth...

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Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study in May

"Me and My Big Mouth," an Andy Stanley series, will be the focus for the Wednesday morning Women’s Bible Study for the month of May, beginning 1 May. We will look at God's Word in the books of James, Ephesians, and Genesis to see what it says about our own words, and...

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Easter Egg Hunt 2019 – a record hit!

With thanks to Redeemer's facilities manager Steve Wernet who laid out the space, to the ladies who stuffed the almost 800 Easter eggs, and to the men who helped hide the eggs Easter Day morning, our 2019 Easter Day Egg Hunt was a remarkable success!

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A tolling of the bell

Redeemer tolled its bell Monday night in solidarity with The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, a landmark of faith, history, and worship, which has suffered colossal damage from a devastating fire today. Please join with others all over the world in praying for this sacred...

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