15 March 2020
The Third Sunday in Lent
Dear Redeemer Family:
We are writing to provide an update about our life together. The parish will continue providing what we believe is a pastoral, practical, and proactive response to a changing situation, and we will provide another parish update soon.
  • Beginning tomorrow, 16 March, clergy-led weekday Morning Prayer will be available live at our “online campus” on our Facebook page at 10:00 AM. This is a great way to start any day.
  • Beginning tomorrow, 16 March, clergy-led weekday Evening Prayer will be available live at our “online campus” on our Facebook page at 5:15 PM. This is a great way to end any day.
  • The nave and the Chapel of the Transfiguration will reopen for private prayer on weekdays, from 8 AM until 6 PM, beginning this Tuesday, 17 March, and the Blessed Sacrament will be in the tabernacle for private prayer and devotion in the Chapel of the Transfiguration.
  • On Wednesday,18 March, any baptized person may come to the church and receive the Blessed Sacrament, in one-kind only, anytime between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. This is a modified form of “Communion Under Special Circumstances” found in the Book of Common Prayer (p. 396). A priest will be at the High Altar with the Blessed Sacrament. Come in, kneel at the altar rail, confess your sins, say the Lord’s prayer, and communion will be given to you. Strict social distancing measures will be in effect, and no person with any communicable disease, and no at-risk person, should be on campus. The Church has long taught the desire to receive the Sacrament when one cannot is spiritual communion and is sacramentally efficacious.
Christian Formation

We have developed a robust plan to make Christian formation opportunities available online this week. Stay tuned!

Other Information  
  • We hope to resume certain in-person worship and activities as soon as possible. We will keep updating the parish often.
  • The parish office is scheduled to reopen Tuesday at 9:00 AM. Hours may be limited, depending on evolving changes. Reopening follows a professional, campus-wide virus-killing cleaning and sanitizing, and allows your clergy and lay staff to brainstorm in-person and develop the best ways to move forward.
Service to Others
We are actively working on a unique plan to offer relief to any persons in our parish and in our community who are, or might eventually be, adversely impacted by coronavirus. We hope to provide specific details soon.
Pastoral Care
If you know of someone, or you yourself are in have any pastoral need, please call (941) 955 4263 to reach a priest. Your clergy consider it a privilege to minister to you in any time of need.
What Practical Steps Can Each of Us Take This Week?
  • Pray Fervently: We are called at all times to pray, but prayer in the face of uncertainty renews our trust in God’s loving providence and grace.
  • Give Generously: Even in normal times, your parish depends of the weekly financial generosity of all members and friends. If you are able, this is a great time to continue giving (or even consider making an additional gift) so we can continue to minister to you and those in need. This is a great time to set-up online giving. Click here to set-up online giving, and click here to make a one-time donation.
  •  Stay Connected: If you are receiving this email, you get parish emails, but not everyone does. This is a great time to contact your fellow parishioners and encourage them to sign-up to receive our eNews. Take down their information, if that is easier, and share it with us. Also, make sure you follow us on our website and on social media. To sign-up to receive the parish e-blasts, link here.
Additional Resources 
Finally, remember who we are and whose we are.
Jesus said:
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand (St. John 10:27-29).
In times of many competing, anxious voices, let us all listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd, who calms our fears and gives us peace.
We remain yours in the Lord’s service:
Janet Trefry, Senior Warden
Fr. Charleston
Fr. Chris
Fr. Ralph
Fr. Dick
Fr. Castro