About Church of the Redeemer

The mission of Church of the Redeemer is:

“To build up the Body of Christ by Word and Sacrament, equipping the people of God for the work of ministry, that Jesus Christ may be known, loved, worshiped, and obeyed in our homes and parish, community and diocese, and throughout the world.” We accomplish this mission by “making new Christians and making all Christians new.”

The parish seeks an articulate priest with a passion for reaching new Christians, teaching the “faith once delivered,” and faithfully administering the sacraments.

Redeemer is a resource-size, growing parish of approximately 2,700 members. Anglo-Catholic in ethos, with an evangelical passion for reaching new members, the parish is located in downtown Sarasota, Florida. With emphases on worship, youth and families, music, Christian formation, and preaching as well outreach, Redeemer is positioned for further growth.

About the Senior Assistant Rector

The Senior Assistant Rector will serve the Rector in a variety of leadership settings and will have special oversight of the vibrant liturgical life of the parish in addition to managing and supervising a staff of approximately fifteen.

How Do I Apply?

Please send your curriculum vitae to the Reverend Charleston D. Wilson, Rector, at CWilson@RedeemerSarasota.org. Applicants should also include one-paragraph answers to the following questions:

1. Why are you an ideal candidate for the position?
2. How would you describe your theological and liturgical convictions?
3. What does the phrase “Jesus is Lord” mean to you?
4. What is the role of Holy Scripture for today’s Church?
5. What is the role of the Church in relationship to contemporary cultural issues?

Candidates should also have two letters of recommendation sent directly to the Rector.

Applications must be submitted before December 25, 2021.

The individual will share the parish’s conviction regarding the centrality of “making new Christians and all Christians new,” desiring to see this focus in all of Redeemer’s ministries and programs. The successful candidate will also share Redeemer’s creedal theological convictions, especially in areas of Christology, soteriology and anthropology, hermeneutics, and sacramental theology.

Job Description for the Senior Assistant Rector

• Purpose

In addition to overseeing our rich liturgical life, the Senior Assistant Rector is responsible for sharing in the full range of ministry with the Rector and other clergy, including worship, formation, parish fellowship, outreach, and service through the preaching and the pastoral life of the parish. The Senior Assistant Rector will also assist the Rector in the daily supervision of the clergy and lay staff.

• Accountability

Works directly under the supervision of the Rector.

• Level of Independence/Supervision

Works largely independently, is expected to manage time and resources well, attend and lead staff meetings, and maintain office hours. Will take an “on-call” pastoral day weekly and at times when other clergy may be unavailable.

• Collaboration

Works in close collaboration with the Rector, other priests, vestry members, and lay leaders with resources from supporting lay ministry staff.

Principal Functions

• Oversee all aspects of the liturgical life of the parish in collaboration with the Rector.
• Regular participation in the Lord’s Day masses (including the “Eve of”) as well as weekday masses, celebrating and preaching as assigned.
• Provide pastoral ministry for baptisms, weddings (preparation, etc.), hospital visitation, shut-in visitation, funerals, and conducting services for those unable to attend mass.
• Regularly meet with fellow clergy, staff, vestry, and other committees as assigned.
• Teaching frequently in Christian formation as requested by the Rector and clergy.
• Develop and support specific parish groups as assigned by the Rector.
• Participate in newcomers’ programs, initiatives, and activities.
• Provide pertinent information for parish communications (e.g., Sunday bulletin, eblasts, website, social media, etc.).
• Interface frequently with all staff in fulfilling pastoral service and seek staff participation and support in the performance of tasks.
• Attend diocesan and local clergy gatherings, annual retreats, and other conferences as requested.


The Senior Assistant Rector will be a priest in good standing in the Episcopal Church, or otherwise in good standing with a bishop and diocese in a church in full communion with the Episcopal Church (e.g., The Church of England, The Anglican Church of Canada, etc.). Experience in parish ministry is necessary, and demonstrable leadership skills are essential. Senior leadership experience in a resource-size parish is a plus.

Abilities & Requirements

• The Senior Assistant Rector must be a person of prayer, demonstrating faith, stewardship, and discipleship
• A passionate proclaimer of the good news of the gospel – “that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.”
• Effective preacher
• Effective teacher
• Proficient liturgist able to lead spoken and sung worship with ease and dignity
• Pastoral sensitivity and grace
• Skillful and creative project development management
• Competence and comfort with computers and online communication
• Readiness to give and receive feedback and to offer complete solutions and plans
• Adept at group facilitation and volunteer recruiting and support

Requisite Personality

All Redeemer staff and lay leaders must have an appreciation for the work of the parish, recognizing that we must be “customer-driven” in order to “make new Christians and make all Christians new.” Everyone who visits the parish must be welcomed as Christ Himself (paraphrase from The Rule of St. Benedict). To that end, every person serving in leadership will:

• Have a strong work ethic, demonstrating a sense of urgency to reach new believers
• Be a dependable, honest, and trustworthy member of our team
• Have a kind, even winsome disposition, reflecting the joy of Christian life and ministry
• Work well with others as a member of our team
• Handle frequent interruptions with patience
• Resist “triangulation” in all its forms and communicate openly and effectively in a team setting
• Appreciate and possess a good sense of humor

Additional Requirements

The successful candidate will be required to submit to a criminal background check, including a motor vehicle report, a drug test, and complete Safeguarding training.


Compensation and benefits will be commensurate with experience.